Vacation Packing Essentials

To me, summer isn’t summer without going on a vacation! Soon my family and I will be venturing out on our annual summer vacation. And I can’t wait! One of my least favorite things to do though is packing (and unpacking). Packing can just take up so much time and I never know what to bring.

If you’re like me and are in need of some packing help and what to bring, keep on reading!

1. Sunscreen: Don’t go anywhere without this! You don’t want to come back from vacay looking like a lobster. My favorite sunscreen is the one pictured below. I find that it leaves me tan. There’s just enough sunscreen in it that you don’t turn red. It’s a winner and you can find it cheap at any drugstore.

2. Mini Purse: If you’re like me and your everyday purse weighs about 10 pounds, there is no way that you’re going to want to carry a 10 pound bag everywhere you go.

3. Swimsuit: If there’s a pool or beach…this is a MUST!

4. Nice Outfit: You never know when you’ll want to go out to a nice dinner or a show. It’s always a good idea to pack a nicer outfit.

5. Jacket/ Sweater: It could get cold. Whether you’re vacationing up north or at a beach, it might be chiller at night.

6. Sunglasses: These are an absolute must! No questions asked.

7. Chargers: iPhones, cameras, etc. you don’t want to forget your charger. If you’re going abroad, make sure that you have the correct adapters for all your electronics. You don’t want to blow out a straightener or hair dryer.

8. Book/ Magazine: Long flight? Long road trip? Days spent at the pool or beach? A book or magazine is just what you need. I know that this book comes in the young adult section, but it is AMAZING!!!! If you’re up for adventure, heartbreak, new love, catty girls, glamorous clothes, makeup, and just a fun light read, then I suggest you pick this one up. I seriously can’t wait for the 2nd book of this trilogy to come out. Also, if you’re too scared to read Hunger Games, like I am, then this is an excellent alternative! I couldn’t put this book down.

9. Headphones: You’ll want these if there’s annoying babies crying on the flight or if you have a neighbor who just won’t shut up. Or if you’re just in need of some “quiet time”.

10. Before you go, don’t forget that mani/pedi! If you’re planning on wearing a lot of sandals and showing off those feet, you can’t leave without getting a pedi or a mani. And it’s a wonderful excuse to pamper yourself, so why not?

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Wherever or whenever you’re going on vacation, just remember these essentials, and most importantly: have fun! Have fun on the journey and have fun there!

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